tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Birthday Boy Card


All summer work days are now over and the test has been made again (hopefully I'll pass this time!). At this point life couldn't be better!

With a wonderful season ahead I've scheduled some smaller things to look forward. I'm planning to get my hair done, have a relaxing time at the local spa together with my lovley mum and visit Stockholm for a weekend. My mum and I are also planning a trip to IKEA, but we haven't set a date for that yet.

With a new season ahead I hope to be able to craft more than I've done this summer. It has been a lot of workhours. But with them all gone and with a cosy and craftfriendly fall coming up I think that will easily be solved :)

I need more Birthday Boy Cards to my collection, so I won't need to do one within a few minutes every time. I'll start that collection with this card:

And since I've already have done this piece I might as well join some challenges:
SimonSays - sketch
CharismaCards - glitter it
C4C - male themed cards #C4C102
ThePoodlesParlour - anything goes

Hope you've found some inspiration!

fredag 12 augusti 2011

Mickey Mouse box

Hello everyone!

Five days of work has now been finished. Just seven days left until a break.

This week I've made a box and I actually was going to put out this piece sooner, but the days just passes by so quickly.

Anyway, the piece combines craft and study perfectly! The idea came to me when I was sitting by my study desk with all my paper spread around me. The flashcards, which I use when I'm testing myself, fits perfectly in this box and now it isn't a chaos with paper and other stuff anymore! :)

And since I love, love, LOVE Disney the choise of paper wasn't particularly hard... :)

And do you know where I can buy more Disney-papers I would be very thankful :)

Hope you've found some inspiration!

Have a great weekend!

måndag 8 augusti 2011


Hello everyone!

Hope you all have had a great summer! I have :) (and I know, hopefully we'll have several wonderful summerdays to go) I've traveled around 6000 kilometers by car, enjoyed the warm climate (I really can't complain about how the wheater has been, because it has been great!), worked a lot, caught up with some friends and spent time with my boyfriend and my family.

And after a while not knowing how my fall would look like I finally now know that I will both study and work. It really feels faboulus and I'm amazingly reliefed, thank you very much!

And since I'm alredy here I might as well give you some inspiration. This time I've made a Lay-out of some summerphotos I found.

Hope you all have found some inspiration!

Now it's time for me to go to bed (it's necessary since my days starts at 5.30 am this week).