tisdag 24 juli 2012

A box filled with...


I went through my pictures of made stuff and found something I haven't published. It's a box - very easy to make - in which I filled up with some treat for the hostess at a tea party. She really appreciated it.

Design paper - think it could be from Riddersholm design, but I'm not sure
Punch - Martha Stewart
And of course cardstock for the bottom

1. Make the chest (a box but without the lid) out of a square for the bottom. You can choose which size you want.
2. Score about 2-3 cm from the edge into the paper on every side.
3. Cut among some scored lines so that you are able to fold and fold up the edges so it looks like a chest. Glue or use double sided tape so that they stick together.
4. Take your DP and cut it so you have a stripe of 15-20 cm wide paper (depends on how high you want your box to be).
Note! Cardstock/DP are in size 12x12 inches (30,5x30,5 cm) and because of that you might want your chest to have a circuit of maximum 12 inches (30,5 cm) to be able to avoid seams.
5. The decoration is then up to you!

Hope you've found some inspiration!

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  1. the paper is from Ullared (I know cause I bought it for you *wink*) so it's probably a never-heard-of-brand ;)