söndag 12 juni 2011

White bracelet

Hello eveyone!
Time definitely flies by. I can't beleive that I haven't written anything within a month!

So what have I been doing latley? Well, to mention something I've made some changes where I work for some extra money - for instance have I resigned the contract and swiched place. I've also studied a lot since I wrote the final test for this term the 3rd of June. *Hope I made it* :)

And the last days we have had great weather with approx. 30 degrees IN THE SHADOW (I just love this time of the year!)

Enough about what I've been up to... Now it's time to fill my blog with what it's supposed to be filled with - INSPIRATION!

glassbeads - pearlized.se
elastic and transparent beadthread - pagoni.se

This is my latest creation and it shines beautifully against that lightly tanned skin. Or mix them up with more and/or other bracelets.

Hope you've found some inspiration!

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